MOMENTA performs
in Dance St. Louis'

We are so honored to be performing once again at the Spring to Dance Festival in St. Louis. We will be performing Alice Sheppard's, Re-Membering A World to Come.

Featuring live musical performance and original composition by James Falzone, Re-Membering... is a haunting work about one woman's experience with her memories of being a Holocaust survivor. Choreographer, Alice Sheppard has this to say about the work:  

"Re-Membering A World To Come" is not a solo project; it emerges from a rich artistic collaboration. I am grateful to Riva Lehrer for the idea to investigate the history of disabled people in the Holocaust in connection to the life experience of Ginger Lane. I would like to thank Ginger Lane for her immeasurable generosity, openness and grace in sharing some of her life story and for allowing me to use her memories to inform the choreographic arc for Re-Membering A World To Come. James Falzone's eagerness to embody his music took the piece to new dimensions, making the quintet a sextet. -- Alice Sheppard